The competitive textile market where Achitex Minerva Group has operated throughout its history demands product quality, customer service and a flair for innovation, and in response the Company is constantly engaged on research and development, with a particular focus on reducing the environmental impact of its processes.

Achitex Minerva Group textile sector includes a complete range of products for all phases of the fabric finishing process, from spinning to printing.
•    Primary and secondary spinning products
•    Sizing products
•    Preparation, dying and finishing auxiliaries
•    Powder and liquid Chemantrene dyestuffs
•    Technical textile compounds
•    Continuous and discontinuous printing

Printing products include:
•    Minerprint® pigment dispersion
•    ready-to-use pastes for continuous printing
•    screen printing ranges (water-based, Plastisol, PVC-free Plastisol-like, silicones)
•    photopolymeric emulsions for screen printing matrices
•    digital printing pre-treatments
•    pigment-based inks for digital printing

Most Achitex Minerva products for textile applications are on the list Inditex and hold GOTS, bluesign® and ZDHC certifications.



Well balanced size that normally does not require further additions to the sizing bath, specially designed for sizing 100% cotton, viscose staple, acrylic fibres, wool and their blends with polyester. It is a synergistic blend of components of natural and synthetic origin capable of simplifying the sizing operation and avoiding errors during the mixing phase. The flexibility and toughness of the film guarantee an optimal frame performance. The solutions of ACHISIZE BE B are homogeneous, do not gel, are very stable and have a high adhesive power, which allows to work even with low loads on the wire. The glued beams have a particularly high abrasion resistance.


Sizing agent specific for denim. It guarantees excellent lubrication, a particularly soft hand, excellent lubrication and good abrasion resistance properties.


Synthetic polymer indicated in the sizing of vegetable, animal and synthetic short fibre fibres and their blends in combination with starch derivatives and / or CMC. Its gluing properties are extremely high and allow a strong anchoring of the size such as to significantly reduce the pilling effect and the formation of dust on the frame.

Complete range of products for textile sizing, which improves the resistance of the warp threads during the weaving process.