Over the years, Achitex Minerva Group has specialised in various non-textile sectors, for which it produces and distributes high-quality products with excellent performances.

These include glass fibre sizes, paper cone adhesives and a construction industry range for the protection and renewal of building materials.




New generation of water repellent solutions for absorbent building material, based on organic-modified silane and siloxane emulsion. The product can be dilute in water and it’s characterized by a low molecular weight which allows excellent deep penetration into absorbent mineral building materials. Once applied to building surfaces, creates a water-repellent barrier, which doesn’t alter their permeability to water vapour or their superficial chromatic appearance. Its particular chemical structure ensures its high alkali stability and therefore the durability applied to alkaline materials such as cementitious plasters, mortars and cement. The product is environment-friendly.


Concentrated siloxane water-repellent for absorbing building materials, suitable for dense materials at high and medium porosity without, however, change their water vapour permeability. It is particularly suitable also for the preparation of water repellent solutions for chemical barriers against rising humidity or as preventive solution against the formation of saline efflorescence, moulds and for acid rain prevention. It gives a high beading effect to treated materials, without changing their surface chromatic appearances.


Water emulsions of Alkyl alcoxy silane, used to make water-repellent the silicate and alkaline absorbing building materials with high porosity level, without, however, change their water vapour permeability or the superficial chromatic appearance. They increase the resistance to frost / thaw cycle, reducing chlorides and soluble salts penetration. Their particular chemical structure ensures a high stability to acid and alkaline solutions. The products can be used as primers for wall paintings, but also as chemical barriers for the elimination of rising damp from masonry.