Over the years, Achitex Minerva Group has specialised in various non-textile sectors, for which it produces and distributes high-quality products with excellent performances.

These include glass fibre sizes, paper cone adhesives and a construction industry range for the protection and renewal of building materials.




A definitive solution for the elimination of rising damp from masonry: a continuous, water-repellent chemical barrier, which prevents moisture and the salts it contains from rising through the masonry, thus also removing the problem of salt efflorescence. The chemical barrier is created using impregnating agent based on alkyl silane in cream form. The barrier is created at the base of the masonry structure, by drilling holes slanting downwards and then injecting the most suitable product into them with a cartridge gun or low pressure pump. Creates a water-proof barrier inside the structure, varying in thickness depending on the absorption capacity of the wall’s construction materials.