Over the years, Achitex Minerva Group has specialised in various non-textile sectors, for which it produces and distributes high-quality products with excellent performances.

These include glass fibre sizes, paper cone adhesives and a construction industry range for the protection and renewal of building materials.




Detergent with a gelatinous consistency for cleaning surfaces not previously protected by writings made with conventional spray paint cans. Also effective for removing smog and soot. The product must be applied as it is on the damaged surface: the gelatinous consistency allows to prolong the stay on the surface and not to convey dirt inside the support. It works in 10-15 minutes, after which it can be removed using a cold pressure washer or manually with an abrasive sponge or simply with running water.


Ready-to-use sacrificial anti-graffiti based on modified organic polymers in aqueous emulsion formulated expressly for the protection of building materials from graffiti and vandal writings. The product fills the pores of the surface on which it is applied without preventing transpiration, creating a transparent protective film that repels oils and water that prevents graffiti from penetrating deeply into the support. To remove graffiti, it is necessary to clean the surface with a low pressure cleaner using hot water at about 80°C. After removing the graffiti it is necessary to restore the protection by applying the product again.


Ready-to-use  semi-permanent anti-graffiti based on modified organic polymers in aqueous emulsion, formulated to protect the surfaces of buildings from vandal graffiti. The product fills the pores of the surface without blocking its breathability, but creating a generally invisible barrier that avoids the deep penetration of graffiti into the materials.