Over the years, Achitex Minerva Group has specialised in various non-textile sectors, for which it produces and distributes high-quality products with excellent performances.

These include glass fibre sizes, paper cone adhesives and a construction industry range for the protection and renewal of building materials.



Pursuing its differentiation policy, the Achitex Minerva Group has developed a series of products for the protection and renewal of building materials.

The classes of products developed for the construction industry subdivide by application:

  • Waterproofing agent
  • Water and oil-proofing agents
  • Paint additives
  • Concrete additives
  • Chemical barrier 
  • Self-cleaning photocatalytic products
  • Anti-graffiti products
  • Products for the protection and renewal of roofs and pavings

All products distributed are produced in-house: the quality control laboratory checks the values, stability and performances of every single batch.

Waterproofing products are based on silanes, which ensure excellent levels of penetration of the treated substrate and lasting, effective protection over time, providing greater resistance to UV radiation and alkalis, as well as total permeability to steam.

Specific products designed for the protection and renewal of building materials improving their performance and durability.