Achitex Minerva Group produces and distributes products for both continuous and discontinuous printing of textiles (screen and digital printing).

The constantly updated and expanded wide range offers Customers versatile products which can be used for printing upholstery and furnishing fabrics and garments, with excellent quality results.

Today, our portfolio of textile printing products includes:
•    ready-to-use pastes and pigment dispersions for continuous printing
•    screen printing ranges (water-based, Plastisol, PVC-free Plastisol-like, silicones)
•    digital printing pre-treatments
•    pigment-based inks for digital printing

Most Achitex Minerva printing products are on the Inditex list and hold GOTS, bluesign® and ZDHC certifications.

The range can be modified in response to the demands of the market and our Customers, without any reduction in quality.



Ready-to-use printing paste developed to obtain prints characterized by a pearly effect both on light cotton fabrics and on dark backgrounds. The range is characterized by excellent printability and good opacity. The final prints are characterized by a high final pearlescent effect, a soft final hand and good general fastness.

PERLAMIN MA to obtain pearly silver-coloured effects
PERLAMIN MT to obtain neutral pearly effects
PERLAMIN GOLD R to obtain pearly gold-coloured effects
PERLAMIN COPPER MA to obtain pearly copper-coloured effects
PERLAMIN RP to obtain pearly "mother of pearl" effects

Their special formulation, free from metals and formaldehyde, allows to operate in full compliance with current regulations and the most demanding standards.



Ready-to-use printing pastes formulated to obtain iridescent and pearly effects. Clear prints are obtained, with a soft hand, very bright and characterized by good fastness both to dry and wet rubbing and to washing.

PERLAMIN SPACE YELLOW to obtain yellow pearly effects
PERLAMIN SPACE TURQUOISE to obtain turquoise pearly effects
PERLAMIN SPACE VIOLET to obtain violet pearly effects

Their formulation is free from metal powders which cause pollution in waste water.