Achitex Minerva Group has been producing water-based dispersions with high concentrations of organic and inorganic pigments for over 70 years, serving both the textile industry and other sectors such as paper, finger-paints, adhesive tapes, scouring fibres, coatings, agrochemicals and many more.

The products developed combine a high dispersion level with good stability, guaranteeing uniform colouring.

Achitex Minerva develops ranges for a wide spread of applications:
•  Minerprint®: series for textile printing and the paper industry
•  Minerprint® FC: range suitable for food contact (BfR XXXVI)
•  Micronil: concentrated pastes for water-based paints
•  Minerpad FA: series for coloring abrasive fibers
•  Minertape WNS: dispersions for coloring adhesive tapes
•  Minerpaint Art: range suitable for the UN EN 71: 7 standard for finger paints
•  MinerSeed: series developed for seed coating

All ranges can be personalised to the Customer’s requirements.


Aqueous dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments formulated for the colouring of pressure sensitive adhesives based on acrylic used mainly for packaging tapes. 

Minertape WNS pigments are finely dispersed and perfectly homogeneous, characterized by a high degree of dispersion and good stability over time.

•    High degree of dispersion (<2 micron)
•    High color yeld
•    Excellent reproducibility
•    Personalised colours
•    Suitable for automatic dosing system
•    APEO e formaldeide free
•    Low VOC content

All pigments are customizable according to the needs of the customer.

Aqueous dispersions of pigments formulated for the coloring of pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesives used for packaging tapes.

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