Over the years, Achitex Minerva Group has specialised in various non-textile sectors, for which it produces and distributes high-quality products with excellent performances.

These include glass fibre sizes, paper cone adhesives and a construction industry range for the protection and renewal of building materials.




Achitex Minerva has developed a unique technology that allows you to modify polyolefins with different MFI and different types.

Through this innovative technology it is possible to obtain a customized level of grafting MA (Maleic Anhydride), as well as a polymer with a very specific molecular weight.

It is possible to achieve a controlled polydispersibility, fully comparable to the most common grafted polypropylene products.

The grafted MA polyolefins have been developed and selected specifically to work in Chopped Strand (CS), Direct Roving (DR) and Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) applications.


Achitex Minerva emulsion systems have been designed and developed to measure to work both in Chopped Strand (CS) and Direct Roving (DR) / Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) applications, overcoming the most common problems such as the "Fuzz" effect and ensuring high mechanical performance both immediately and after aging cycles.