Minermix the Color Matching System

MinerMix is the "Color Matching System" formulated by Achitex Minerva, an ideal tool to obtain specific colors with its own inks and bases.

The MinerMix system is available for the following product ranges:

  • Plastisol inks (PLAST range)
  • Plastisol-like, PVC-free inks (Minerprint® PURE range)
  • Water-based MINERPRINT® inks
  • Green Galaxy™ water-based FUSION inks

The Minermix system allows to obtain all formulas, Uncoated and Coated, quickly, easily and smoothly reproducible. An excellent application able to provide a valid support in obtaining the desired colours... A few clicks for the desired formula. Visit Minermix page on Achitex Minerva website to know more!

Minermix, the tool for the perfect color match!