Minerprint® Pure inks are dispersions of pigments in a phthalate-free plasticizer and PVC-free resin, ready-to-use for screen printing!

Like Plastisol range, MINERPRINT® PURE is maintaining high performance and meeting the strictest textile standards, moreover the absence of PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and heavy metals in the formula makes them really ecofriendly.

These PURE inks allow to obtain precision in detail, high opacity and uniformity of printing.

The range consists of:
• 13 base colors that can be mixed to obtain other shades
• 6 fluorescent colors
• 5 concentrated inks for four-color printing (PK series)
• 3 plastic inks for metallic effects

With the MinerMix Minerprint® PURE "Colour Matching System" it is possible to obtain Coated formulas, fast, simple and easily reproducible!