MINERPRIMER INK REA W and MINERPRIMER INK REA K have obtained the Bluesign® certification and the 3rd level of ZDHC certification!

The Bluesign® certification guarantees the transparency of ACHITEX MINERVA chemical products and their safety for people and the environment, a unique approach to minimize the environmental impact during the production process.

MINERPRIMER INK REA K and INK REA W have also become part of the ZDHC Gateway, reaching level 3 certification.
ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is an international program that aims to reduce the impact of hazardous chemicals throughout the textile sector supply chain, to protect workers, consumers and our planet's ecosystems.

MINERPRIMER INK REA W and MINERPRIMER INK REA K are essential pre-treatments for inkjet printing of pigmented inks on textiles. These products help prepare the fabric for printing by improving ink adhesion and image sharpness. Textiles often have problems with ink sticking and losing detail in printed images. Thanks to the special properties of these products it is possible to obtain high quality prints on fabrics

⚫️ MINERPRIMER INK REA K for printing on dark and black fabrics

⚪️ MINERPRIMER INK REA W for white and light fabrics