FC RANGE - BfR XXXVI compliant!

Find out our products complying with the Recommendation BfR XXXVI - Paper and board for food contact, to be used in the manufacture of paper and paperboard, but also of other materials (e.g. textiles), which must comply with that standard.

MINERPRINT® FC pigments can be added to the printing pastes, formulated with products complying with BfR XXXVI, paste and emulsions for creating materials suitable for food contact.

The pigments, used in combination with MINERPRINT® BINDER FC, allow to obtain soft prints / coating, characterized by a good colour yield.

CATALYST W77, added to the binder, creates the perfect mix to achieve the coupling of papers, while the NOVAGUARD FC is optimal to make hydro-oil repellent papers or textile materials.

A new range... food contact - proof!