Achitex Minerva Group: a reliable partner in redesigning the boundaries of an increasingly sustainable, innovative and quality textile industry.

Fibre & Yarn Lubricants

Spin finishes for primary spinning, lubricants for secondary spinning, oils for texturing and coning, antistatic and much more!


Complete range of products for textile sizing, which improves the resistance of the warp threads during the weaving process.


A wide range of auxiliary intended to meet all textile processes of preparation, dyeing and finishing.


A whole range of products developed to complete the entire DENIM dyeing process, from sizing to finishing.

Chemantrene for printing

Chemantrene dyes (vat) in liquid form, suitable for printing. They are characterized by high solidity.

Chemantrene for dyeing

Chemantrene dyes (vat) in powder, suitable for dyeing cellulosic fibers. They are characterized by their high solidity.


Products and printing technologies included in a single catalogue where it is possible find out all about printing techniques and related products.


Water-based dispersions of selected organic pigments, finely dispersed and perfectly homogeneous, intended for the textile printing sector.

Plast - Minerprint Pure range

Plast range and Minerprint Pure range (PVC-free plastisol-like) for screen printing, extremely versatile and at low polymerization temperatures.


Dispersions formulated for use in tanning industry, employed in leather goods, forniture and footwear sector.


The printing industry is updating and adding new digital technologies. The new DTG and DTF range is a real novelty.

Building Specialties

Specific products designed for the protection and renewal of building materials improving their performance and durability.


Aqueous dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments, finely dispersed and perfectly homogeneous, used for the production of water-based paints.

Minertape WNS

Aqueous dispersions of pigments formulated for the coloring of pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesives used for packaging tapes.

MinerPad FA

Aqueous dispersions of finely dispersed and homogeneous pigments, suitable for dyeing scouring fibers used in domestic and industrial cleaning.

Glass Fiber

Line of aqueous emulsions, suitable for the glass fiber processing cycle, for the thermoplastic and thermosetting sectors.