Opening of the new MINERVA and ALPHACOLOR site


On October 17, 2008 the new production plant and the new sales offices of Minerva S.p.A. and Alphacolor Due s.r.l. will be officially opened. Both new structures are located beside the existing Achitex Group site.

The foremost Authorities will attend, to remark the relevance of this new investment for the local and regional economy.



With a view to rationalising and optimising the Technical Assistance service, Laboratories and Production, building work has begun on a new site right next to current headquarters in Vaiano Cremasco. 

The new 10,000 sq m. unit will house production of pigment dispersions, printing auxiliaries and specialties, a new warehouse, new offices and all the structures needed for the new size of the Achitex Group and for the growing requirements of its customers.

The Minerva division will move to the new site by August 2008, and will take advantage of modern and efficient machinery which will ensure the Achitex Group obtain better internal efficiency and as a result better customer service.



Carrying on the enlarging and diversification policy started in these last years, a new company has joined what we can call by now "A.chi.tex group".

It is Minerva S.p.A., a world-famous leader in the pigment textile printing field with Minerprint trademark. In addition to the very wide product range, starting from the pigments, binders and thickeners, there are also the liquid dyestuffs for printing, such as vat and reactive ones and all the dye classes for dyeing.

Minerva commercial organization expanded in the most important world textile areas, together with A.chi.tex one, will allow the formation of considerable synergies offering to the customers a complete portfolio of products and experiences.