Achitex Minerva Spa is glad to introduce a new range of products for 3D, over-dyeable effects.
MINERFOAM SPS is a paste suitable for application by screen printing or by spraying; after curing, it develops a 3D effect that can be dyed by exhaustion with the new MINERCOLOR SPS range of dyestuffs.

MINERFOAM SPS and MINERCOLOR SPS applied on cotton, allow to obtain bicolour effects.

FESPA 2013


Achitex Minerva S.p.A. is pleased to inform you that will be present at FESPA 2013 that takes place in London from 25 to 29 June 2013.

You can find us at STAND K1N, North entrance.

We are pleased to introduce you our products, their effects and their use, providing all the necessary technical documentation.

Our experience and knowledge will be at your disposal!

We look forward to your visit!




Achitex Minerva introduces the new range of fluorescent pigments named Minerprint Fluo NFO.

The increasing demand of products with improved ecological and toxicological sustainability, has lead to the formulation of the new range. The major feature is the absence of released formaldehyde of textiles, maintaining the high brilliancy and fluorescence of the known Minerprint Fluo pigments.

The new range is additional and not substituting the existing range, in order to satisfy all kind of market requirements.



Achitex Minerva S.p.A. developped a new range of concentrated dispersion of water pigments, named MICRONIL SU.

These kind of pigments enable to achieve excellent performance in both water-based and solvent-based surface coating dyeing.

Products included in this range feature a high light fastness and an effective system of wetting-dispersing surface-active agents.

Being environment-friendly they are VOC- , APEO- formaldehyde-free, hence meeting the major environment rules.



This system is not conceptually new, because previous experiences have been made, but has never established itself as a regular practice because of its inherent operational difficulties.

Achitex Minerva SpA engineers have carefully reviewed and revised the entire process successfully resolving the negative points mentioned above

• Pigment dyeing on only warp yarns
• Perfect compatibilty and stability of the sizing-pigment solution
• Perfect dyeing uniformity on all warp height
• Easily and very good shade reproducibility between “batch and batch”
• Good loom efficiency (air jet and rapier )

All the equipment can be easily washed (cooker, box tank, sizing box.....) with hot water alone or with the help of a hydro-cleaner

Our technicians will be happy to provide you any clarification you may require or assistance in your industrial tests.