A spin finish is essentially a complex mixture of lubricants, emulsifiers, anti-statics, cohesion agents, humectants/wetting agents, biocides and other additives applied to the fibre surface by means of kiss rolls or metering pumps and thread guides immediately after extrusion.

It has been years that Achitex Minerva S.p.A. dedicated its effort to formulate such kind of preparations and today has reached the right level of competence to provide suitable solutions to meet the most stringent customer demands, whatever the technology or fibres involved.

  • ACHISPAN 110 N

    Blend of sorbitan derivatives, emulsifiers and antistatic agents designed for PAN wet spun, wool type tow or staple undyed fibre. Good antistaticity and softness.

  • AVIFIL PA 515

    Blend of fatty acid esters, emulsifiers and antistatic agents suitable for cold processes of PA 6 & 6.6. multifilament flat yarns. Designed for draw-warping, weaving & knitting processes. Low friction and excellent antistaticity even after long storage of yarn. Compatible with usual sizing agents.


    Blend of sorbitan esters with emulsifiers and antistatic agents suitable for PP short fibres for cement fibres. It can be  added to a spin finish for PAN fibre to increase cohesion.


    Blend of fatty acid ethoxylated, cohesioning agents and anionic antistatic agents designed for non-woven thermal bonded PP coverstock for hygienical use ,suitable for PET staple fibers as well. Standard hydrophilicity and silicon free. Good antistaticity and cohesion.