Achitex Group, following a policy of differentiation, has developed a series of products for the protection of building materials for construction.

Over the years they have been developed different classes of products for various applications.

The classes of products developed are the following:

  • Waterproofing agent
  • Paints additives
  • Photocatalytic products with self-cleaning effect
  • Chemical barrier
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Additives for cement and concrete
  • Roofs and Floors protection / renewal

All products are made by internal production; performance and stability are constantly checked by our laboratories.

The water-repellent properties are based on silane which guarantee excellent levels of penetration and long-lasting protection and effective “over time” of building materials for construction.

The silanes used in our formulations provide us very high UV stability and alkalis resistance as well as a total vapour permeability of the treated substrates.

Such formulations are soluble in polar solvents and in water.