The competitive textile market is where Achitex Minerva S.p.A. always works and makes it essential to the quality of products and service provided to the customers and the predisposition to innovation, leading the company to constantly engage in research and development, with particular attention to reducing the environmental impact of its processes.

The textile sector of society, Achitex Minerva S.p.A. provides a complete range of products for all stages of the processing, of finishing of fabrics, from spinning to print.

  • Products of primary and secondary spinning.
  • Products for sizing.
  • Auxiliary preparation for desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing.
  • Dyeing auxiliaries for the various classes of dyes and fibre’s.
  • Finishing Auxiliary for soft finishing, silicone finishing, with resins.
  • Paste ready to print: white, flock, in corrosion, stretch fabrics, under reactive dyes.
  • Paste for Special effects: pearled, crepe, metallic, shiny, glowing, 3D, similar-corrosion, sparkling.
  • Paste Seri graphed water for no-dry.
  • VAT Dyes in powder and liquid form

In addition, we have a wide range of products for printing that allows you to obtain formaldehyde-free results; Achitex Minerva S.p.A. has printing pastes free of mineral spirits.

All products are alkyl-phenol ethoxylates and phthalates free.