Achitex Minerva

Achitex Minerva

Achitex Minerva S.p.A. (Italy) - Headquarter
Achitex Minerva Spa was established on January 1st, 2010, by merging the activities of Achitex S.r.l., since 1981 producing auxiliaries for the Textile industry, and Minerva S.p.A., since 1948 producing pigment dispersions, ready-made pastes and printing auxiliaries.
In 2011 know-how and presence on the world markets has been improved consequently to the acquisition of the textile branch of Lamberti S.p.A., for the whole EMEA area.
Actual product portfolio of Achitex Minerva, composed by 1.200 finished products for textile applications, from spinning to finishing, from continuous to discontinuous printing; for non-textile industrial sectors such as the construction sector, paper cone adhesives, glass fiber and pigments for water-based paint rather than adhesive tapes and flexography.

Achitex MinervaS.L. (Spain)
Achitex Minerva S.L. was founded in 1982, with the name of Minerva Color S.L., for the manufacturing and distribution of Minerva Spa products in Spain and in Latin America. In 2006 became part of the Achitex Group, enlarging his market presence by investing in detergency industry and in water-based paints.
In October 2014, changed its name in Achitex Minerva S.L.

Achitex Minerva Portugal, unipessoal, LDA (Portugal)
Achitex Minerva Portugal, unipessoal, LDA comes from the acquisition of the Company Rui Cardoso & C LDA, made by Minerva S.p.A. in 1998, with the name of Minercor LDA.
The Company, producing textile dyestuffs, has become the official representative of Minerva S.p.A. for Portugal since 2006, when it became part of the Achitex Group. Since then, the Company invested its efforts in the screen printing market, in the shoes industry and in automotive.
In january 2014, changed its name in Achitex Minerva Portugal, unipessoal, LDA.

Achitex Minerva Kimya LTD. STI. (Turkey)
Achitex Minerva Kimya was grounded on October 1st, 2011, as consequence of the acquisition of the textile branch of Lamberti S.p.A.
The Company operates with production and sales of auxiliaries, pastes and pigments for printing, of primary and secundary spinning oils, of sizing chemicals, of auxiliaries for preparation, dyeing and finishing.

Achitex Minerva Chemical (PTY) LTD (South Africa)
Achitex Minerva Chemical was grounded on October  1st, 2011, as consequence of the acquisition of the textile branch of Lamberti S.p.A. The Company has an own production site. By establishing Achitex Minerva Chemicals it was improved the service to our partners and the efficiency in production and delivery in a different geographical area.

Achitex Minerva Colombia LTD (Colombia)
Achitex Minerva Colombia LTD in Bogotà, was established on July 1st, 2019, through the acquisition of the corporate assets of the already existing company Minerva Color Colombiana LTDA. Through this acquisition, which also involved production facilities, the company start to play a primary role in the territory as a supplier of printing products, pigments and textile auxiliaries, with the aim to reduce delivery times and providing rapid feedback to customer needs.



Sicolor S.A.R.L. was founded in 1951 as distributor for the French market of textile dyestuffs and chemicals.

At the end of the sixties start the collaboration with Minerva S.p.A. for the distribution of pigments and printing products. In 2005 reached the Achitex Group.

Sicolor today distributes dyestuffs and auxiliaries for textile and paper industry, and pigments for plastic.

In january 2018, changed its name in Achitex Minerva France S.A.S.



The company PTH MIKRONET S.A. was established in 1988 in Bielsko-Biała, as importer of computer hardware to the Polish market. 

In 1990, due to the strong textile tradition which exists in Poland, started to deal chemical products for the textile industry and in 1999 bought and restructured a building in Łódź, today the company's headquarter.

In July 2017 became parts of Achitex Minerva Group, and today distributes its chemical products for textile industry. 

In july 2018, changed its name in Achitex Minerva Polska SP. Z.O.O.