• BINDER 521 - BINDER 521 S

    Vinyl based binder for pigment printing, good rheology properties and fastness, no yellowing and “dry” handle. Suitable for furnishing. Low temperature curing (130° C). 


    Self-cross-linking, acrylic copolymer binder for pigment printing. Good rheological characteristics, soft handle, not yellowing. Normally used for upholstery, and when soft handle is required. Good rubbing and washing fastness. Suitable for pigment discharge printing. 


    Self-cross-linking acrylic binders for pigment printing. Very low influence on printing paste viscosity, have good colour yield and low influence on final handle. Suitable for furnishing, have good light fastness without yellowing. Suitable for pigment discharge printing. 

  • BINDER U 50 - BINDER U 50 D

    Blend of acrylic and butadienic binders for pigment printing. Soft handle, good dry cleaning and multiple washing fastness. Used mainly for clothing and for flannel bed sheets. Not recommended for upholstery because of its tendency to yellow after light exposition. Not suitable for pigment discharge printing process. 


    Self-cross-linking acrylonitrile butadienic binder for pigment printing. Extraordinary soft handle and very good fastness. Can be used alone for clothing, even on synthetic fibres or their blends, or blended with Binder ACM in any ratio, mostly on pure cotton fabrics. Not recommended for furnishing. Not suitable for pigment discharge printing.